Help Your Doctor Help You

I’d like to talk to you about doctor visits and getting your doctor to fill out the disability claim forms.  Doctor visits are some of the most important events in successfully filing a claim.  These visits provide much of the documentation and expertise needed for the insurance company to accept your claim and pay benefits.  Quick submission of the claim forms and payment of your disability benefits are obviously important to you.  But many, if not most, doctors are overwhelmed with patients and practice management responsibilities and can’t spend the necessary amount of time to fully complete your claim form on a timely basis.

Plus, doctors are likely not experts in how to complete your disability claim form.  They may not understand the nuances between different claim forms or all of the specific facts and circumstances involved in your disability claim.

If a doctor fills out your claim form and leaves critical pieces of data incomplete or missing entirely, your insurance company can, and will, delay your claim while repeatedly asking for additional proof and documentation.  There are several ways these problems can be avoided to get the disability benefits you deserve.

See a doctor immediately if you think you may be disabled.
The only way an insurance company will pay a claim is if the insured is under the care of a physician.  Also, be mindful of the language in your policy, as you may be required to receive “appropriate” care or be seen by an “appropriate” doctor.

Consider your work schedule before and after filing your claim.
Even after seeing their doctor and being thought to be disabled, some people will continue working while their claim is pending.  This creates a number of complications in the presentation of the claim to the insurance company.  Consider it from the claims examiner perspective – your doctor says you’re disabled from working…but you’re still working!  Understanding the requirements in your disability policy and how to present the disability claim to the insurance company can make or break your claim.

Most importantly, review (or even prepare) the claim forms yourself.
Nobody knows the symptoms and problems you are experiencing better than you.  Therefore, the simplest way to help your doctor provide what you need is to fill-in most of the claim form with legible and complete information before you give it to your doctor.  That way when you come in for your appointment, you can just review the form together, making sure the doctor agrees and completes the diagnosis and prognosis sections of the form.

We work with our clients along with their doctors to complete the claim forms in a clear, complete, and convincing manner.  Quite simply, it’s a better, stronger, more accurate approach that has resulted in more of our clients’ benefits being paid more quickly with fewer hassles.

We would love to answer any questions or read your comments – please feel free to comment below or visit our website for disability claim help.

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