March Madness: Our Elite Eight Blog Posts

What a difference a year makes! Where does the time go?

We’ve been writing articles for this blog for over a year, and we’ve learned as many things from our readers as we hope you’ve learned from us. As our topics have grown and more readers have found us, we wanted to make sure that some of our posts don’t get lost in the noise of the Internet and buried deep away where claimants would less likely be able to find help. In the spirit of the NCAA basketball tournament, we’re going to go through our most popular blog posts as well as highlight some posts that we think include topical, valuable information that may be helpful in your disability claim. Thanks again for reading our blog over the past year and making us one of the top-rated destinations for disability claim advice and help.  While we hope you never have any problems with your conditions or your claim, we’ll continue to be here to read, just in case, for years to come!

Uncovering The Secrets Of Insurance Company Surveillance: This is our most popular blog post, so many people realize to be aware and concerned about surveillance. This tactics is so intimidating to those trying to obtain theirsurveillance1 rightful benefits, so having an idea about some of the different techniques used by investigators is a reassuring tool to have.

Ensuring Your Disability Benefits After A Stroke: The number of individuals who are receiving disability benefits due to a stroke are far higher than many people realize. Suffering a stroke results in years of therapy and rehabilitation, and almost all claimants have some sort of permanent loss in their work abilities. This blog provides a good plan to make sure you receive all of the disability benefits you’re owed during the rough times while managing your recovery.

The Best Practices When Appealing Your Disability Claim Denial: This article provides a good overview of the ERISA appeal process for short-term and long-term disability claims. It gives you an idea about what you’ll need and when you’ll need it if you’re appealing your disability claim denial. While many claimants panic or become depressed or get angry during this time, using this article to help calm and organize your thoughts and set up an appropriate plan greatly increases your chances of a successful reversal.

Medical Marijuana: How The Debate Affects Your And Your Disability Claim: The debate about medical marijuana has increased from a small, fringe community to a mainstream topic in the past few years, and this discussion has also extended into the world of disability claims. This article discusses some of the pros and cons of medical marijuana and how that treatment should be handled so it doesn’t hurt the viability of your disability claim.

Watch Out For Your Social Media Presence: It seems like everybody has a Facebook account today. While this is great to keep in touch with friends and family, it can be bad news for your disability claim.  Isocial mediansurance companies and their private investigators scour the Internet and social networks to find reasons to deny your claim. This blog post reveals some of their tactics as well as ways to prevent your social media activity from compromising your disability claim.

Total vs. Residual Disability: A Doctor’s Unpleasant Surprise: The difference between total and residual disability is one of the most prickly concepts in disability insurance. Insurance companies will always try use residual disability to limit their liability, especially for self-employed insureds like physicians, lawyers, and business owners. Understanding how claims examiners apply and leverage these definitions will help you protect your benefits if they try to reduce your benefits through residual instead of total disability. This blog helps you understand these concepts and their differences.

The Truth About Disability Settlement Offers: We receive many, many inquiries about claim settlements and how claimants can prompt or respond to settlement offers. What many claimants don’t realize is that settlements are often terrible financial deals for them and they will be better off continuing to receive their benefits over an extended period of time. This blog explains some of the financials workings behind disability settlements and how they usually favor the insurance companies. Any claimant who is considering settling their disability claim should read this post first.

Avoiding Pitfalls In Chronic Pain Disability Claims: Some of our most problematic claims usually revolve around a chronic pain diagnosis, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. These types of claims can have very subjective testing and are further subjected to well established insurance company tactics that can be detrimental to your claim. This article provides a number of tips for you to protect your benefits and keep the insurance company from harassing you and your attending physician.  Chronic Pain

While we have many posts that are helpful to different types of claimants, these posts have proven to be some of our most popular and helpful articles. Please use the search feature on our blog page to look for any article that may apply specifically to your topic or condition, and please comment to let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see. Thanks again for following our blog for the past year and making us one of the top rated destinations for disability claim advice and help. We promise to keep producing content that can help people understand and protect their disability insurance benefits.

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