Successfully Defending a Claim Against Denial

Today’s blog is my favorite type – a success story!  One of our clients has graciously allowed me to relate his story to our readers as an example of how having expert help and standing up for your rights can lead to a positive outcome in your disability claim.

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Total vs. Residual Disability: A Doctor’s Unpleasant Surprise

Residual Disability

Ask any doctor – having your own practice is a lot of work. Not only seeing patients, but all the paperwork, employee problems, and hundreds of other nagging issues involved in running a business.

If you become disabled, the process of filing a claim for benefits isn’t much easier. Disability insurance companies see doctors as a fantastic market to sell more insurance and generate new premiums while at the same coming up with defense tactics to deny their claims. A common tactic is to discretely change a claim from total disability to residual disability. Most insureds have little idea of the downsides of this change until it’s too late! It’s important to recognize how and why insurance companies use these claim denying strategies so insureds – especially medical professionals – can be prepared on how to respond to these insurance company tactics. Continue reading