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Disability Claims Consulting


We are Royal Claims Advocates, a disability claims consulting firm dedicated to making sure insurance companies keep their promises and disabled individuals get what they deserve.  With more than 20 years experience working for disability insurance companies, our team has industry-insider knowledge of how claim examiners think, how claims are investigated, and how claims are paid or denied.

While we are not attorneys nor do we practice law or give legal advice, our team of experts understands policy nuances and the significance of certain inquiries that even attorneys and medical professionals don’t realize are critical in obtaining disability benefits.  Sharing the investigative techniques used by insurance companies allow our clients to be prepared.  As professional disability consultants, skilled and experienced members of our team prepare our clients for interviews, independent medical examinations, phone calls, as well as visits by field representatives and vendors.

This purpose of this blog is to share information and explore relevant ideas that make a difference in the disability claim process.  We are always listening for your concerns and questions regarding the complex world of disability insurance.  Please feel free to comment at any time and visit our website at www.RoyalClaimsAdvocates.com for further information.  Be sure to bookmark and visit this blog regularly to continue the dialogue on disability claims!